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Saturday, November 20, 2010

10 Signs You Should Dump Your Girlfriend

Trust is one of the important things that can make your relationship work for a long period of time and love can strengthen and bound you as one. But sometimes trust doesn’t work if you saw something different from your partner. Not only girls should aware about the guys doing,also men as well. We will tell you what are the signs that you need to dump your girlfriend.

According to survey and research,in a relationship 80% of women are loyal to their love one and they are committed into serious relationship, while men are only 40% of them are doing serious to women. Five years in relationship is proven to be a serious one, if your both couples are doing the right things to make your relationship last and it will always end up to marriage. But sometimes 5 months is enough to end up relationship easily if you don’t have the trust to your partner. If you think your relationship did not worked out, you must consider different factor why is that so. But here, i will tell you the signs that you should dump your girlfriend...

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